Tuesday, 12 August 2014

4 Lakes and an oracle

Just to set the scene, I'm not the kind of guy who is going to go and watch a movie multiple times, or re-read a book, or go back and see something that I have already seen. Today however, I got up at sparrow's and returned to Moraine Lake. What an amazing place and I had it all to myself. There were a couple of photographers there who I apologised to for putting a ripple through their photos. On the water, it was all mine!! seeing the sun come up over the mountains was gorgeous, the reflection of the moon in the still blue waters of Moraine was worth the early rise. The water was so still that paddling into the reflections was like paddling in the sky.

An hour and a half later and I was off again, this time to Emerald Lake. Arriving there I found that they had a trail that went all the way around, and I was still ahead of the crowds. I decided to get a run in before I paddled this amazing looking lake.
Wow, what a running track...

Having completed my run, I set about pumping up inflato. It was at this point that I had one of my off water highlights of the day. I met a chap who's name I know not, but I am going to call him the oracle, because he seemed to know a lot. So much in fact that I'm surprised that I hadn't heard of him, and I suspect he may have been surprised as well. The oracle is from Melbourne, and so when I said that I was from Canberra, his immediate pronouncement was that I must be a public servant. Now usually this might offend me, but seeing as I got up early, had already had a paddle and a run, I may have seemed a little slow of wit, and so simply corrected him with my real occupation. I think he was at first a little stunned that somebody could come from Canberra and not be a public servant, but he soon got over that to deliver one of my favourite compliments. After a short period of consideration he announced that he didn't believe in chiropractors. I particularly enjoy this comment because it puts me in great company. That of Santa Clause, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, global warming and God. All things that people claim to not believe in, with the implication that they simply don't exist. So I'm glad I'm a chiropractor, and this is the slight that is dealt me. Nobody doesn't believe in dentists or accountants or lawyers, they simply don't like them. So having elevated me to some sort of legend type status, he proceeded to tell me that his physio gives him a really nice massage (overshare from the oracle) he then went on to let me know how it was muscles that put the bones out obviously, because bones can't put the muscles out can they?? I was truly grateful for the expounding of his celestial knowledge and continued pumping. At this point the oracle rewarded me with some more information. "You're sweating" he proclaimed with his new found position as captain of the SS. Bleeding obvious. Thanking him for his insight, I let him know that I had just gotten back from a run. For some reason this made sense he said, because I was a chiropractor. Evidently these god like figments called chiropractors run a lot. Somewhat bewildered by his insights I again thanked him for them. He then felt he had done his duty, bid me a farewell and set off to walk probably as far as the coffee shop I suspect.
Full of new found knowledge it was time to get out on that incredible water. Again some pretty amazing reflections, and so peaceful. Peaceful enough in fact that I laid down on my board and had a nap in the middle of the lake for about 20min.

2 lakes and a run down and it was just hitting 11am. Time for lunch.

With still plenty of day to enjoy, I set about trying to catch up with an old friend Megs who has recently moved over here.She was headed off on a walk at Minnewanka (apparently the 3rd n is silent...) Missing her there I decided to hit the water, making my 3rd lake for the day. This one not so relaxing with rock edges and tour boats tearing up and down. I managed a 90 min solid paddle before getting back to the start to find Megs and her crew.

 From there we went round to a popular swimming hole of the locals called Johnson Lake... not so sure that it's a coincidence that they have a Johnson in the Minnewanka loop... I took inflato down to the water and Megs and the crew had a go. She threw a couple of them off, but all in all they did great. I then went and clocked my 4th lake for the day, and another amazing colour in the water.

 Farewell to Megs and the crew and into town for an early dinner. Tonight, Buffalo steak. I have to say, Banffians really know how to cook up their wildlife. The Elk burger last night was outstanding and the buffalo didn't disappoint. Possibly one of the best steaks I've had. 
Another successful day moving the body, seeing some amazing things and living the life :)

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  1. Okay, I know what I have to do now... visit Canada! :)
    Great blog and thanks a lot for sharing your sessions on SUP Trotters!